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Every business is unique. No two businesses are alike even within the same industry vertical. This means that every individual business must be thoroughly understood within its own context in order to capture it environmental impact. Therefore, standardised solutions and approaches are not sufficient in achieving meaningful carbon mitigation and reductions.

Using the power of autonomous agents coupled with our foundation models we are creating industry vertical templates to overlay all of the unique aspects of our customers’ business operation. This approach gives us a real life reflection of what happens within a customers domains and without.

Climatica's AI templates for your business

Climatica has developed AI templates tailored for specific industry verticals, harnessing the power of purpose-specific LLMs. These templates offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of different sectors.

Recognizing the diverse nature of businesses, Climatica goes beyond standardized approaches to understand each entity thoroughly, ensuring accurate capture of environmental impact. By employing autonomous agents and foundational models, Climatica overlays industry-specific templates to reflect the intricacies of each customer's operations, providing real-life insights into their domains.

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