Love Earth

A Tale of Innovation and Sustainable Solutions Across Continents

From the tranquil waterways of Thailand to the bustling industries of Europe, Climatica emerges as a beacon of evolution and innovation in the pursuit of a sustainable future. With a focus on delivering impactful solutions where they are needed the most, Climatica's journey showcases a commitment to addressing pressing climate challenges through cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships.  

Climatica's story begins in 2014 when the Government of Thailand commissioned Climatica’s parent company Cloudasset through Hydro Informatics Institute of Thailand to deliver a visionary project aimed at revolutionizing flood and drought prediction and prevention in the Kingdom of Thailand. Over five years, Climatica spearheaded the construction of a nationwide platform for prediction, simulation, and impact assessment, laying the groundwork for efficient resource allocation and community resilience. By accurately predicting multiple potential scenarios and providing detailed reports to authorities, Climatica's contributions bolstered water resilience and streamlined incident management, benefiting local communities and businesses nationwide.

Climatica's accomplishments in Thailand were nothing short of substantial. Through their platform, they facilitated timely interventions in flood and drought situations, enabling proactive responses and minimizing the impact on communities. The platform's success has made it instrumental for institutions tasked with managing water resources, empowering them with the tools needed to predict, assess, and respond to environmental challenges on a significant scale in real time.  

The success of Climatica's venture in Thailand not only brought in substantial revenue but also ignited a passion for addressing climate challenges on a broader scale. Half of the earnings, totaling €2 million, were reinvested into product development and future initiatives. Recognizing the pressing importance of global climate issues, Climatica expanded its expertise beyond the Thai project, delving into domains like space data and climate research.

In 2021, Climatica emerged as an independent entity, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Having completed a successful incubation period at the European Space Agency's Business Incubation Centre, Climatica received two prize-grants totaling €40,000 to further their pioneering research and development efforts. Supported by Cloudasset, their parent company, Climatica continues to push boundaries in software development and research, with ongoing investments in Finland.

Climatica's story is a testament to the power of innovation and collaboration in addressing pressing environmental challenges. From its humble origins in Thailand to its emergence as a global player in climate solutions, Climatica's journey embodies a relentless pursuit of a sustainable future. As they continue to evolve and expand their reach, Climatica remains committed to delivering solutions that make a difference, wherever they are needed the most.